Parental Engagement

Parents and carers play an essential role as the first educators of children. Ongoing, active engagement of parents and families has a major impact on a child’s success at school. Parents and carers who are engaged and interested in their child’s learning and life at school can play a positive role in building their child’s academic, social and emotional growth. PISA (“Let’s Read Them a Story! The Parent Factor in Education”, 2012) recommends the following ways of being engaged in your child’s learning:

  • Read with your child every day. It will improve their learning and wellbeing and demonstrate the importance you place on learning. Studies show that students show a better ability to read and learn when parents themselves value reading.
  • Set an example by reading yourself. Show your children that reading is a daily, enjoyable, valuable activity, and that it is made even more pleasurable when people discuss what they have read with others.
  • Talk with your children about the world around them. Older children in particular benefit from their parents’ involvement. Talking about social and political issues, or about books, films and television programs with older children is related to better reading performance at school.
  • Show interest in what happens at school, even when your child is doing well.
  • Take the time to meet your child’s teachers and, where possible, try to get involved in activities at school. Some things you can do to get involved at SJV include:
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher so that you may share information to have a fuller understanding of your child.
  • Stay up to date with school life by reading the weekly school newsletter, reading emails and following SJV on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • Follow the Facebook page for your child’s year level.
  • Join in any activities at school you are invited to attend throughout the year such as Masses, Assemblies, picnics, Learning Showcases.
  • Get involved with the P & F and volunteer at events such as the Walkathon.
  • Attend any social events organised by your class co-ordinator.
  • Volunteer in the Tuckshop, with classroom reading, excursions and sports events.
  • Go to Mass at St John Vianney’s Church with your child.

By building a strong partnership with our school you will discover significant benefits for your child as they too will build stronger relationships with other children, have greater confidence and social skills and will be more likely to enjoy learning​.