Reporting to Parents

Formal reporting to parents takes place twice per year.   Informal reporting between parent and teacher should be regular and occur at all stages of the student’s learning. The relaying of pertinent information which supports each student’s learning is vital. This open communication, whether in writing or by interview has proven a paramount factor in the creation of a positive learning environment for St. John Vianney's students.
Parent information evenings will be held at the beginning of Term 1 to:
  • outline the planned learning
  • discuss how learning will be structured in the classroom
  • set out the teacher expectations and
  • talk about the proposed units of study for the academic year.
A formal report and compulsory interview will take place at the end of Term 2. The objective of this communication is to provide a comprehensive profile of the students performance across the curriculum and to set goals for the remainder of the academic year.
Another formal report and the opportunity for a non compulsory interview will also be given at the end of the school year.