Parents and Friends

​​​​Let’s make our school a great and positive educational experience for our children.

Let’s give them every opportunity to grow and learn and create great memories.

SJV’s P&F – The Why

The Parents & Friends Association is an integral part of the school and provides a formal structure for parents and others interested in the welfare of the students to participate in all activities and decision making processes at the school and to work for the benefit of the school.

Responsibilities and activities

  • Develop a community
  • Support and work in partnership with Principal and staff
  • Participate in decision making
  • Promote interaction between home and school, parents and teachers
  • Encourage parent participation in teaching and learning activities and school life
  • Assist parents to appreciate teaching and learning programs
  • Promote the School / College in the wider community
  • Attention to faith education activities
  • Create a forum for discussion
  • Assist in providing resources to the school when necessary
  • Planning and organising of functionsapproved by a P & F Meeting and the Principal
  • Work with parish and school board in pursuit of common goals – harmony

SJV’s P&F – The Who

Executive Committee 2022

​Principal​Katherine McKay
​Assistant PrincipalJackie Ward
​PresidentDonna Carr
​Vice PresidentsMonette Emery, Carly Hegerty
​Treasurer​Kate Hine
​Secretary ​Courtney Cunningham
​General Committee Members
​Melissa White, Nick McTernan, Agnes Excell, Megan Denny
​Casserole Register
​Katie Brown
​Lost PropertyKatherine McKay
​Parish Liaison
Tim Pook
​School Board Liaison
​Second Hand Uniform Shop​Melissa White
​Social Committee​Claire McMahon, Felicity Rudd, Clare Isaac, Emily Bess
Nick McTernan, Toni Richards

S​JV’s P&F – The When

The St John Vianney's Parents and Friends Association meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the Philomena Building (spare room next to Music Room) at 7:00 p.m.  Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in October.

Please come along and support your SJV P&F.  The AGM requires a quorum of 15 people.

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