Enrolment Policy

St John Vianney’s Primary School currently caters for students from Prep to Year 6. The parameters for enrolment have been collaboratively developed by the Parish Priest/Administrator, Principal and the School Board.
While nurturing children in the Catholic Faith and ​maintaining a Catholic ethos within our community, St John Vianney's School remains open and welcoming to all who wish to join our school community.
Priority of Enrolment
Applications for enrolment at St John Vianney’s School will be considered in the following order:
  1. Children who have siblings enrolled in the school.
  2. Baptised Catholic children whose families are living within the boundaries of the Manly/Gumdale Catholic Parish.
  3. Baptised Catholic children whose families belong to other Parishes and who have a suitable reason for enrolling in the school.
  4. Unbaptised children of Catholic families, living in or belonging to the Manly/Gumdale Parish.
  5. Christian children of other denominations whose families value the religious aspect of education.
  6. Children of families whose faith is not of the Christian tradition.
Please Note: Where applicant numbers exceed available places we may request a reference from the Manly/Gumdale Parish Priest/ Administrator; the Parish Priest of another Parish; or the family’s' minister or pastor which will demonstrate their Christian commitment.
Enrolment is reliant on a vacancy existing in the relevant year level. When a vacancy exists, order of acceptance follows the above priorities in the first in​stance. When closer discernment is required in nominating enrolment places, a team consisting of the Principal, Assistant Principal and Parish Administrator, works collaboratively to discern and allocate placement. Should such discernment still be unable to prioritise candidates, then the order of placement is according to the order (date) of enrolment application.
While the priorities still apply, students with special needs will only be enrolled in accordance with Brisbane Catholic Education’s Policy on Enrolment and Support Procedures for Students with Special Needs.  Processes for special Needs enrolment are conducted with dignity, respect, privacy and confidentiality.
In line with Brisbane Catholic Education’s Policy on Financial Accessibility of Catholic Education Schools Sept 2008, children will not be excluded from St John Vianney’s Parish School for economic reasons related to the inability of the family to pay fees. It is an expectation, however, that all families would be able to make some form of contribution towards such fees.
At the discretion of the Parish Administrator and the Principal, variation may be made to this policy for pastoral needs of those concerned.
Enrolment applications for all year levels (apart from Prep) can be submitted at any time and must be accompanied by:
  • a non-refundable application fee of $60
  • full birth certificate
  • baptismal certificate
  • other documentation pertinent to the child's educational needs at the school, eg specialist assessments
  • proof of residential address, ie current rates notice, electricity account or rental agreement (new families only)
Applications for Prep are accepted until the end of Term 1 of the year prior to enrolment. Whenever an application is received, the placement remains dependent on meeting the requirements of this policy.
Role of Parents/Guardians
  1. Parents/Guardians are expected to accept a commitment to give their child/children every opportunity to experience their faith at home and to give their child every opportunity and encouragement to practise it.
  2. Parents/Guardians are expected to support and encourage the standards of behaviour, dress, discipline, punctuality, cleanliness, tidiness and other expectations of the school.
  3. Parents/Guardians must accept that all students will partake fully in every aspect of the school program.
  4. Parents/Guardians are expected to be supportive of the Teaching staff and the school administration. Open communication is actively promoted.
  5. Parents/Guardians are expected to help in whatever ways are possible and, whenever possible, to support the school's activities and fundraising efforts.
  6. Parents/Guardians are expected to commit themselves to the regular payment of school fees and levies. Donations to the school Library Fund are tax deductible.
  7. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to participate/be involved in all aspects of the life of the school.

Prep Enrolments

To qualify for enrolment, a Prep student must turn five years of age by 30th June in the year of enrolment.
Timeframe for the Prep Enrolment Process:
Term Two of the Year prior to Placement
Applicants will be contacted for a family interview with the Principal in accordance with our Priority of Enrolment policy. It is essential that any supporting documentation (if not already provided) is brought to the interview.
Letters are sent to parents, notifying them of either an enrolment position, or placement on the waiting list. Parents are required to complete an enrolment offer acceptance form and submit a $60 confirmation fee.
Term Four of the Year prior to Placement
Orientation sessions are held for all Prep families. This is generally a Parent Information session (parents only to attend) and a separate orientation session for students.

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