​​Saint John Vianney's School has a tuckshop available to students and staff on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Orders can only be placed via the online payment system Qkr (Click here for detailed instructions about the Qkr App​) and must be submitted no later than 8.30am on the day the order is required. Please ensure you have received a receipt from Qkr to confirm the order has gone through. Please also ensure the correct date is selected when ordering. On many occasions, students present at tuckshop looking for their orders and they have either not been submitted correctly or the wrong date has been selected. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.​

Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

​​​​healthy lunchProtein and Veges:

Aim for your child's sandwich to contain a good source of lean protein such as 97 per cent fat-free turkey, chicken or ham, tinned tuna or salmon or low-fat cheese. The protein portion will keep your child full, help to maintain concentration levels through the afternoon lessons and help prevent the four o'clock rush to the fridge when they get home. Also try to add some sort of salad to the sandwich. Salad and vegetables add fibre and bulk, which also helps to keep him or her full. Some options that will not make sandwiches too soggy include lettuce, grated carrot, celery or capsicum and cucumber circles

Fruit for fibre:

Always add one piece of fresh or dried fruit to your child's lunch box. Children will eat fruit if they are hungry and there are no other more appealing "junk type" options available. Different fruit options include small plastic containers ​of fruit in natural iuice. small plastic containers of grapes or strawberries, pieces of banana or melon, mandarins or stone fruit or small packets of sultanas or dried apricots.

Water to drink:

Water should be the dri​nk of choice. Fruit juices, cordials, flavoured waters and full strength soft drinks are very high in sugar and should not be consumed on a daily basis. Freeze water bottles the night before for hot summer days.