Year 4 and Beyond

I have been excited to hear that several parents of boys in Year 4 are considering the possibility of their boys finishing their primary schooling with us in Years 5 & 6. I know this interest is also shared by parents in Prep – Year 3. We know that many families are wanting to have the nurturing and rich learning environment we provide here at St John Vianney's for the full journey of their child's primary school years. As I am sure you have heard from other parents, the Years 5 & 6 learning space is a dynamic and rich learning community that supports our learners and sets them up for success in high school.

I would encourage you to contact me if you are considering this option or are still unsure as I can organise a time to meet with you and the teaching team in Years 5 & 6 and other parents who are also interested. I also extend the invitation for parents of our girls to join in and find out more about our 5/6 Learning Community too.

Our senior students have a variety of sporting, musical, academic, spiritual and leadership opportunities over the last two years of primary school. As a parent and principal, I have seen first-hand the benefits of children having a Prep-Year 6 education at our school and allowing for future success.