St John Vianney Feast Day

On Thursday we celebrated our Feast Day. The church was full of our students, staff, parents and grandparents. It was a wonderful celebration and the singing was beautiful from all of our students. I sincerely thank all of our parents and grandparents for joining us today for Mass, Celebration of Learning and a picnic lunch. I thank you for ensuring it was able to be covid safe . I am always grateful to have such a supportive community and parent group. What a spectacular day!

Saint John Vianney is the patron saint of our school and priests and is often referred to as the Cure of Ars. As a young person he instructed other children in catechism and prayer. He was ordained at the age of 29.

When attendance at services was lacking, he went out to the people especially visiting the ill and destitute and administering penance. John Vianney led by example and listened to the confessions of people near and far. He was renowned for charity and love and cherished ministering to people. He was deeply devoted to St. Philomena and erected a chapel and shrine in her honour. When he later became deathly ill but miraculously recovered, he attributed his health to St. Philomena's intercession.

St John Vianney left behind a legacy of faith and was viewed as the champion of the poor. At St John Vianney’s Manly we are a strong community that lives out our Gospel values of Compassion, Justice, Determination, Respect and Service.