Shared Language of Learning

At SJV we endeavor to develop a shared language of learning amongst our teachers, students and parents.

We know from research that the biggest impact happens when students have a deep understanding of what effective learning is. We want our students to be able to clearly articulate what they are learning and understand what it looks like to be successful.

The following questions help students to develop this shared language of learning:

  1. What am I learning?
  2. How am I going?
  3. How do I know?
  4. What can I do to improve?
  5. Where do I go for help?

In order to support students to understand what they are learning and what is needed to be successful in a task, teachers co-construct clear goals for the learning (learning intentions) and outline the steps toward achieving that learning (success criteria). These are displayed in the classroom so that the students can return to the Learning Intentions or Success Criteria, as often as necessary.  When all success criteria for the learning have been met, the student is ready to take the next step forward in their learning.  This way, students can begin to take control of their own learning.

As parents you can also help your child talk about their learning by asking:

“What did you learn today?” (I LOVE this – so much better than “How was your day?”) “What mistake did you make that taught you something? “What did you try hard at today?”