SJV Arts Fest

Research shows that there is a strong relationship between the cognitive capacities developed through learning and communicating in dance, drama, media arts, music and the visual arts, and students’ academic and social skills. Positive effects for young people involved in arts-rich education programs include achievements in reading, language and mathematics developments, increased higher order thinking skills and capacities, increased motivation to learn, and improvements in effective social behaviours.

An arts-rich education from an early age develops individual creativity and self-expression. School-based arts participation can increase learners’ confidence and motivation, thereby improving school attendance rates, academic outcomes and the wellbeing and life skills of children and young people.

This is such strong evidence that supports the work we do at SJV across arts education and shows the great value in having our Arts Fest that showcased the many gifts and talents of our students. I sincerely thank Mrs Liz Cox and Mrs Andrea Ellis-Vester for their leadership of this event and all our amazing teachers and staff for their contribution and involvement towards this great community event. 


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