Reflecting on Term 3

​In reflecting on Term 3, I would like to encourage all of us to think of 3 things we are proud of in our school community or with our own children. Every person in our community contributes to the collective success we achieve as a school community.

I would like to highlight some important moments to celebrate as a school:

  • Our camp experiences for Years 5/6 and Year 4, and the commitment of staff to support these important learning experiences and our students for their positive and have a go attitude.

  • Parish and School Family Mass which was a great success and way to mark the beginning of Catholic Education Week.

  • Celebrations like 100 days of Prep, Years 5 & 6 Film Festival, SJV Feast Day, Father’s Day, Dance Cart, Book Week and much more!

  • Parent sessions including Jennifer Mason, ThinkUKnow and Zones of Regulation

  • The many excursions and sporting events throughout the term.

  • All of the extra-curricular activities including Sports Aerobics, Chess, Choir, Running Club, Touch, OptiMinds, Netball, AFL, Soccer and Rugby to name a few!

  • ​Our NAPLAN results which showed that in Reading, Writing and Numeracy we grew the green/upper 2 bands in all areas. This is a collective effort of the whole school and is outstanding!