Book Week

Book Week is in Week 7, with the dress-up parade on Thursday 25 August. Children can dress up as any book character or take inspiration from the Book Week theme, ‘Dreaming With Eyes Open’. Reading is dreaming with your eyes open after all, and there is lots of fun when we imagine what character we would love to be. Some easy ideas for costumes this year inspired by the short-listed books: pyjamas for dreaming, bandages for the book A Trip to the Hospital, dusty clothes for the book When the Water hole Dries Up and swimwear for the book Jetty Jumping. 

With Book Week this term it is an exciting opportunity to explore the CBCA short-listed books with the children. Our literature focus in library lessons this term is the books from the Early Childhood and New Illustrator categories. There is a wide variety of talented authors, and it is hard to pick which book will be named Book of the Year - lucky I don’t have to make the choice. The children always love to share their preferences and it’s often the book they make connections with that they love. This week, Prep and Year 1 enjoyed Winston and the Indoor Cat by author and Illustrator Leila Rudge. The book explores themes of cats, friendship, change and accepting differences. For those with a cat, there was lots to share! It had a gentle message of treating everyone with respect and understanding that others can like things we don’t and that’s ok. A lovely book supporting our school well-being goal.