Our work with our explicit improvement agenda (EIA) around Mathematics is clear that our approach to Mathematics (from the Australian Curriculum) is a belief that learning is most effective when students are engaged in higher order thinking as they work on tasks that are appropriately challenging for them. A task or problem is challenging if students:

  • Do not know initially how to proceed
  • Have not been told how to do so by the teacher
  • Are expected to make decisions on solutions
  • Consider solution strategies for themselves

This is what good learning looks like and we are asking parents to encourage children to foster resilience and perseverance at home with learning and wellbeing.

We know that many Mathematics concepts are difficult to understand, at least initially, and so students benefit when they persist with concepts and tasks that include:

  • Concentrating
  • Applying themselves
  • Believing they can succeed
  • Connect effort with learning

Students are more likely to make sense of Mathematics and remember what they have learned if they work on tasks that are appropriately challenging.