Mathematics at SJV

Last Friday our teachers engaged in a wonderful day of learning and engagement with Dr Catherine Attard, a professor in Mathematics Education at Western Sydney University. As well as engaging with several hands-on activities, we discussed what true student engagement in Mathematics really looks like. We know that great maths lessons include three elements that are critical for student engagement to occur: affective (liking), operative (doing), and cognitive (thinking) elements of engagement, all working together. Students are not necessarily engaged when they appear to be busy or on task. True engagement is ‘in task’ behaviour, where students are engaged and interact with the task and each other and there is an element of cognitive challenge within the task. This leads to students valuing Mathematics and seeing it as a way of understanding and making sense of the world they live in.

Growing the engagement, progress and achievement in numeracy has been one of our annual goals this year. At SJV we prioritise and support collaborative planning time for teachers. Over the last two weeks I have had the opportunity to work alongside our teachers as they have been planning mathematical investigations that will provide many opportunities for students to work together and engage in mathematical dialogue. We continue to work on implementing consistent, sequenced, quality maths lessons that challenge and engage all of our students.