Holy Week

Next week is Holy Week, the most sacred time of the Liturgical year as we remember the Passion, Resurrection of Jesus and the events which led up to this. Lent officially ends and the Triduum begins at dusk on Holy Thursday and continues through dusk on Easter Sunday. We cannot separate Jesus’ death from his resurrection; therefore the Church teaches that the Triduum is really one celebration that lasts for three days.

In preparation for Easter, SJV students have been learning about the important events of Holy Week. Classes will lead our school in prayerful reflection in the Church – all welcome.

  • Year 2S - Palm Sunday - Tuesday 26 March at 1pm
  • Year 4 - Holy Thursday - Wednesday 27 March at 1pm
  • Year 5 - The Way of the Cross - Thursday 28 March at 1pm

Thank you to our SJV community for supporting the Caritas appeal through donations in the mission box and participating in the Fish and Chip Friday lunches.