Bec Sparrow Parent Session

We had well over 100 parents attend the Rebecca Sparrow session. My sincere thanks to the P & F who put on drinks and nibbles beforehand. It was great to have the opportunity to socialise and see new families join in! It is hard to summarise the very informative and relevant talk by Bec but her 5 lessons in Friendship included:

  • Tip 1 Conflict is normal
  • Tip 2 Boundaries are everything
  • Tip 3 Drama cyclones are exhausting and gossip is a red flag
  • Tip 4 Being possessive is a big turn off
  • Tip 5 Friends with some. Kind to all

These are great reminders for children and adults. She encouraged parents to:
  • Model Kind behaviour
  • Be the chauffeur
  • Set boundaries around phone use (no devices in bedrooms overnight!) Don’t let your kids bombard others with messages
  • Remember you’re hearing the edited version of every story
  • ​Put kids in the driver’s seat and let them problem solve solutions to friendship dramas