Year 1 - Alternative Work Arrangements

​​​​Prep - Year 2 Learning Grid

​​This learning grid is to help support the parents with the continuum of student learning. 

SJV ​​​​Weekly Learning Grid

Week 1: 20th-24​th Apr​il
Week 2: 27th April - 1st May


Learning From Home - Year 1​​ Activit​y Booklet

Learning From Home - Year 1 Answers

Useful iPad Apps​​

Out & About.png
Out & About

Give your child a flying start in literacy by helping them practice their sight words with this bright and fun app when you are out and about.

'Out & ​About' has been developed by the Department of Education and Training and is aimed at Prep to Year 2 students to help them master the first 100 sight words to ​which they are typically introduced.​


​ABCYa is a useful app that offers six free games each week. They offer a range of different educational games from different learning areas.​

Letter School​

​LetterSchool is a useful app that ​has a range of tracing activities. Including uppercase and lowercase letters, shapes and numbers. ​

YouTube Links​

AlphaBlocks is a great program to consolidate letter and sound knowledge. I​t allows children to ​understand that a group of sounds can make a word. ​​

NumberBlocks is a great program to cement counting skills and allow children to understand the concept of numbers.​​
​Jack Hartmann​​​
​​Jack Hartmann has a range of videos that include counting, letter formation and sounds. The channel also have videos that allow children to move while learning.

​Cosmic Kids Yoga
Cosmic Kids Yoga has many videos with different themes that allow children to practice body movement and relaxation. ​
The Learning Station​​
The Learning Station has a great range of videos​ that include days of the week, months of the year as well as counting and letters. ​​
​​Art for Kids Hub​
Art for Kids Hub is a great channel for guided drawing with many different materials.​​​

Other Useful Links

​​Scholastic ​Learn at Home​

Scholastic Learn at Home​ is a website that provides different books for children to read. There are​ also activities available for the children ​to complete each day.


Teachers trust GoNoodle to help their students stay active, focused, and calm while infusing good energy into their classrooms.​​​ GoNoodle offer a range of activities like ​yoga, Zumba for Kids, dance along videos and even wellbeing activities.

Pevan and Sarah - Cub Club
​Pevan and Sarah are an energetic duo that have many songs and dances that help students learn sounds, letter formation and counting. They also have a number of fun dance and songs for children to learn. ​Pevan and Sarah currently have a month free subscription to their Cub Club.