Year 4 Camp

It was my great pleasure to join Year 4 on camp this week. I want to thank Miss Bennett, Mrs Arnold, Mr Hansell, Mrs Tannock, Mrs Ward and Mrs Tasi for being at camp over the last three days. It is a big responsibility taking children on camp and being away from their own families. The children are to be congratulated for their behaviour, their enthusiasm with activities and the way they supported each other so positively.

While at camp I was able to reflect on how capable our children are in doing jobs at home. As parents, we are often busy and sometimes it is easier to do things ourselves but I encourage you to continue to develop independence and responsibility with your children at home by giving them jobs and responsibilities. For example, setting the table, cleaning up after meals, making the bed etc The Garmin watches have been great in setting up tasks for children to do! ‚Äč