What is Reading Power?

Reading Power is a research-based reading comprehension program that teachers at our school are using to help students develop comprehension skills to become more powerful readers and thinkers. Our goal in reading is not only to teach students how to become fluent decoders, but also to teach students to develop an awareness of their thinking while they read, so that they can engage in deeper, more meaningful reading experiences and improve their comprehension. The five comprehension strategies, or Reading Powers, we are teaching are:

  1. Connect: What does the story remind me of?
  2. Question: What am I wondering about this story?
  3. Visualize: What pictures can I make in my head from this story?
  4. Infer: What am I thinking about this story that isn’t actually written?
  5. Transform: How has my thinking changed because of this story?

This term Year 3S have been focussing on the Connecting Reading Power to help them become more powerful readers and thinkers.

Here are some steps to help your child connect to a book:

  • Choose a book to read with your child that reminds you of your life in some way. This could be memories of your childhood, a place you visited, someone you know.

  • Begin to read the book out loud with your “speaking voice.”

  • While reading, stop at a place where you make a connection. Share this connection, your “thinking voice,” with your child: “This part of the story reminds me of….”

  • Ask your child to share his or her connections with you.

  • It is important to remember that, just as everyone’s life story - memories and personal experiences - is different, connections are also different. There is no right or wrong way to make a connection. Enjoy reading and sharing connections with your child!