Waterfall Framework

This year we have been embedding a learning framework across the school. This is to ensure consistency of practice across Prep-Year 6 and because we know it has the highest impact on student learning. The learning framework is called the “Waterfall Framework” and it focuses on:

  • ​Learning Intentions – students know what they are learning about straight from the curriculum and this is unpacked using student friendly language.

  • Success Criteria – students know what they need to be successful and there are a variety of entry points into the learning so that all students can access the learning.

  • Descriptive Feedback – Students receive descriptive feedback in many ways including verbal and written feedback so that they know how they are progressing and what their next steps in learning are.

  • Peer & Self- Assessment – we are encouraging our learners to be reflective of their own work and others so that they know how they can improve on their work.

  • Individual Goal Setting – Students co-construct learning goals with their teachers so they know what they are working towards in their learning.

Questions we ask the children when we visit classrooms that help us focus on the elements of the waterfall framework are:

  • ​What are you learning? Why?
  • How are you going?
  • How do you know?
  • How can you improve?
  • Where do you go for help?

I encourage you to ask these questions with your children to see what they are learning about. Ask them to tell you about their learning goals and what they can do to “bump up their work” or improve. I am sure you will be very impressed with their response.