Showcasing our School

On Tuesday, we hosted 80 leaders from other BCE schools, and it was a proud moment to showcase our school and learning. Our Years 5 & 6 students welcomed our guests and sang beautifully for prayer. I would like to share some of the feedback from our guests and I could not be prouder to be the Principal at our beautiful school:

  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria in all classrooms
  • Children were engaged across all year levels
  • Colourful rooms, plenty of movement, joy and welcoming community
  • Differentiation of learning and meeting needs of all students
  • All students could articulate their learning
  • Meaningful learning
  • Student directed learning
  • Teachers collaborating together
  • Students could articulate their own learning goals and how they were working towards them
  • Feedback was evident

Further feedback to our team which was so affirming was other schools asking us:

  • How they could get that level of consistency at their schools?
  • If their schools could learn from us
  • How do we get the same high level of practice in all our classrooms?

I congratulate our staff for their high level of professionalism and commitment to high expectations and learning. I also congratulate our students on the confident way they articulated their learning to our visitors.