School Musical - 14th & 15th October

There has been a significant amount of time, energy and organisation leading up to this week and I sincerely thank Mrs Liz Cox and Mrs Andrea Ellis-Vester for their amazing work to provide this opportunity for our students and their families. Our staff have also supported Liz and Andrea with props, costumes, tickets, t-shirts, photographs, rehearsals and so much more. I thank them for their work and support – we are so lucky to have such a great team that supports each other and provides rich experiences for our students.

A few reminders for the evening performances:

  • Please make sure students are dropped off at the correct time and are in their costumes and makeup

  • Please make sure you check in using the Check In QLD app and wear a mask.

  • Please ensure a parent is on time to collect students from the Provence Centre after the performance. Students will only be allowed to go home with legal guardians unless we have prior written permission

  • Students will receive a packet of chips and popper so it is encouraged that they have dinner before arriving at Iona.