School Goals

It has been a busy term (although I don’t think any term is quiet) and I thank you for all your contributions to our school community. One of the many things I love about SJV is the passion and excitement I see about learning from students, staff and families. It has been a privilege to see the learning happening in our classrooms, in the library, outside and all the extra-curricular activities that are offered.

So, now that we are nearly at the end of the term, let’s see how we are going with our school goals:

  • Strong Catholic Identity
  • We have worked on our vision statement and are pretty close to the final version
  • We have selected our school values and started on a matrix of what they look like at all times at SJV
  • We have unpacked our Catholic Dialogue Schools data from last year

Excellent Learning and Teaching

  • ​We have been successful in getting a ​Nudge grant for STEM
  • ​We have sent a team to the STEM Symposium
  • We have looked at spelling @ SJV
  • We are continuing our short-term cycle planning for literacy every 3 weeks

Strong Catholic Identity

  • We have started to look at refining a process for goa​l setting

Where to Next?

In Term 2, we will continue short term cycle planning, continue to refine our vision statement, further develop our values and activities that support them, STEM professional learning in Term 2 for all staff and formalise our professional goals.

I hope that you all have a refreshing and relaxing holiday. Make sure you take time with your family. I encourage you to keep reading at home during the holidays so children maintain the great progress and achievement from this term.

Blessings to your families as we approach the Easter season.

In God We Trust.
Katherine McKay, PRINCIPAL