This week our students in Years 3 & 5 have participated in NAPLAN Writing and Reading. We have had an intensive focus on preparing our learners to be assessment capable learners in Years 3 & 5, but we know that through our work with embedding the waterfall framework in all curriculum areas, we are preparing all students every day from Prep-Year 6.

What does it mean for students to be assessment capable?

  • They are aware of their current level of understanding in a learning area.
  • They understand their learning path and are confident enough to take on the challenge.
  • They can select tools and resources to guide their learning.
  • They seek feedback and recognise that errors are opportunities to learn.
  • They monitor their own progress and adjust course as needed.
  • They recognize what they’re learning and can teach others.

(Frey, Fisher & Hattie)

Assessment capable learners enact the deep knowledge we now possess about the significant roles that motivation, goal setting, self-regulation and feedback play in learning.

You can support us at home by preparing all children to be assessment capable learners by:

  • Talking to your child about their learning. Some children need no prompting at all and happily tell you about their day and learning and other children need support. Parents can use the newsletters that get sent home each week by class teachers to help you discuss the learning.​
  • Encourage your children to accept and persist with challenges. Learning needs to have challenging and difficult moments and children need to know how to struggle and be successful with their learning.
  • Ask your children what feedback they are getting from their peers and teachers and encourage them to seek feedback and act on it.
  • Encourage your children to reflect on their own learning and support them with areas they want to grow in.

We were very proud of all our Years 3 & 5 children and how they have positively engaged with NAPLAN in such a confident way. We know our children are calm and confident learners.