Our Year 3 and Year 5 students recently ​participated in the Australia wide Coordinated NAPLAN Practice Test. Students completed the following tests:

  • 45-minute Omnibus test which included Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy tests for Years 3 and 5 students

  • 42-minute Writing test for Years 5

As well as the students becoming familiar with the assessment platform, it was an opportunity to test our technical readiness for the Naplan online testing period in Term 2 Week 4 and 5 from May 11th to May 22nd.

One of the advantages of our students completing NAPLAN Online is that their results are expected to come back within weeks, rather than months. While NAPLAN is just one of many assessment methods to track your child’s progress, this quicker turnaround will mean the results can better inform classroom practice and help advance your child’s learning here at St John Vianney’s.

Students and parents of all year levels who would like to know more about NAPLAN Online are welcome to visit the public demonstration site. Here you can take a practice test and learn more about the special features of NAPLAN Online:

Further information about Naplan online is available on the following link:
NAPLAN Online information brochure for parents and carers (PDF, 487 KB)