In May, for the first time our Year 3 and Year 5 students will be participating in the Naplan test in an online format.

On Thursday 28th March, all students in Years 3 and 5 participated in an Australia-wide Coordinated Practice test. This consisted of a 45-minute Omnibus test (Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy). This was also a great opportunity to test our technical readiness for the Naplan online testing period in May.

Parents are invited to visit the public demonstration site to familiarise with the type of questions and related functionalities available in the NAPLAN Online assessment

Some of the key features include a range of question types, onscreen tools, timers and interactive navigation.

The demonstration tests cover a sample of possible questions and do not reflect the range of literacy and numeracy content or skills NAPLAN Online will assess. While it is helpful for students to become familiar and comfortable with the format of the online test, ACARA does not encourage students to study separately for NAPLAN. That is why you will not find answers to the demonstration tests.

Further information about Naplan online is available on the following link NAPLAN Online information brochure for parents and carers (PDF, 487 KB)