Library News

‘Game Changer! Book Access for All Kids.’ This is the title of the new book by American author Donalyn Miller. I was lucky enough this week to attend the book launch at the Reading Leaders PD with Donalyn, and once again, the worldwide data reaffirms what we know about children and reading - the more you read the greater the improvements will be. It is difficult in the busy lives we lead to make time for reading, however adding 10 minutes reading every day makes a difference. Research shows that reading improves our general knowledge, vocabulary, comprehension, verbal fluency and spelling. A child in Year 5 who reads for 20 minutes a day for 1 year is exposed to 1,800,000 words. Comparatively, a child who only reads for 10 minutes a day is exposed to just 600,000. As Donalyn suggests, the more books your child has access to, the more their reading will improve. Here at SJV, we have fantastic book corners in every classroom, our beautiful library, events like the Great Book Swap and Book Fair ... all designed to provide book access to all of our children.

If you were making a wish list of what you wanted to spend time doing this weekend or these holidays, would reading be on your list? We need to model reading enjoyment to our children, sometimes we save our reading time for when the children are off doing something else and they don’t get to see us reading. So, if you can, pick up a book, magazine or newspaper this weekend, invite your child to choose a book too, and enjoy some reading time.

Congratulations to our Best Friends of the library this week 1J and 3J.