Indonesian Introduced in 2022

I am excited to let you know that next year we will be introducing Indonesian as a language other than English that all children in Prep to Year 6 will be learning. As English becomes a near-universal ‘basic skills’, the need to maintain advantage by moving beyond English and having proficiency in other languages will become the norm. There are many benefits of learning a second or subsequent language including:

  • Improved brain development

  • Higher academic performance

  • Improved literacy

  • Increased opportunities in the global economy

The benefit that particularly interests me is how learning a language supports literacy development. Language teachers do not only teach a language, they also teach about language as a concept, and about communication, context and culture. Second language learning is therefore a resource for enhancing literacy, not a problem for acquiring literacy. It forms part of the whole package for learning about language as a part of schooling and provides additional insights into the nature of language that are not available to the monolingual learner.

Mrs Carmel Smith, our APRE, will be teaching Indonesian to each class fortnightly for one hour next year. We are excited about this new learning opportunity for all of our students.