P-2 Fitness Fun Fridays

Tomorrow is an exciting day as we have our first Junior Running Club for Prep – Year 2. The purpose of this extra-curricular activity is to focus on wellbeing and fitness. To ensure it is a success, I ask the following:​

  • Children can participate if they are willing to. We can’t have children attending who do not want to participate due to the number of students and time limits.
  • Children need to be dropped off at 7:45am to the oval and parents need to exit the school gates. We cannot have spectators for this extra-curricular activity.
  • Children need to wear their school uniform as normal with running shoes and can change into their school shoes.
  • If children are not participating, they need to arrive at 8:15am as normal.
  • If it needs to be cancelled there will be a post on Facebook.

I thank you for supporting us with these requests and sincerely thank Miss Teagan Thompson and Mr Anthony Piacere for coordinating the program, and thanks to the merry band of ‘Sporty Spices’ staff who have volunteered to help. We have welcomed the huge response to this physical activity, health and wellbeing program for our ‘littlies’.​