Extra Curricular Music

Yesterday, we showcased the 107 students who learn an instrument or have singing lessons with Creative Kidz. It was lovely to see so many parents and grandparents attending. I am really proud of how our extra-curricular music program with Creative Kidz and Brigid’s piano lessons has grown over the last few years. It gives our students an opportunity to explore and develop their different talents and interests. This year we introduced the musical immersion program in Years 3 and 4 because of the many benefits of learning an instrument.

The benefits of learning an instrument include:

  • Science has shown that learning a musical instrument can change brain structure and function for the better. It can also improve long-term memory and lead to better brain development for those who start at a young age.

  • Music can have a calming and relaxing effect and builds confidence.

  • Building discipline – learning an instrument requires commitment and focus. It also promotes and encourages creativity which is an important life skill.