Embedding the Catholic Perspective

​We often refer to embedding the Catholic Perspective as ensuring children have an additional lens with which to view their world and situations they encounter.

For some time now SJV teachers have been embedding the Catholic Perspective into the Health curriculum. For example, in Prep when ‘identifying personal strengths’ in Health, teachers will embed aspects of the Catholic Perspective including:

  • Human beings are good and are loved

  • As expressions of God we are meant to love the person we are and one another

  • Whilst we are good we are not perfect

  • Success, strengths, mistakes and weaknesses are all necessary for our developing identities. Our worthiness as human beings is not made greater or lesser because of them

  • The more a person knows about themselves, the more empowered they are to make changes in those areas they would like to make improvements, and to build on areas of strength

  • ​Understanding and accepting the whole self, including limitations, lays the foundation for the virtue of humility​

In 2020 teachers will continue to embed the Catholic Perspective in Health whilst also focussing on embedding the Catholic Perspective in English. This may mean that whilst utilising a rich text in English, teachers will use questioning such as: Why do you think the character made that choice? What other choice could have been made? How might God’s plan for people help with the decision making?

We look forward to sharing some of the ways each year level is embedding the Catholic Perspective in both Health and English in 2020 with you.