Congratulations Lucy!

A few weeks ago Lucy from Year 3 came to her mum to tell her she wanted to create a charity for young kids. She wanted to make up backpacks with all necessary items for school and give them to families that maybe financially struggling. To fund her project, Lucy then made bookmarks to sell and all proceeds would cover the first backpack.

Last Saturday, the family attended a charity event for The Generate Foundation. Lucy sold all 30 bookmarks and raised $68 for these plus a further $530 in donations! In total she raised just shy of $600. Which is an amazing achievement.

Lucy has found her niche. The Generate foundation was so impressed, they asked her to be their official ambassador and in turn will help her with her charity project.

Lucy's next step has been to write an editorial for a press release in the local newspapers to promote her charity project and gain momentum. Finally, before the new school year begins, Lucy will be handing over the backpacks she has made to disadvantaged families within our local areas around Brisbane.

Congratulations Lucy!