Spring Christmas Stall

​A huge thank you to Jan McDiarmid and the SJV Sustainability Team for providing our school community the opportunity to purchase a range of beautiful homemade gifts. Your time and effort with preparing these gifts and running the stall are truly appreciated. A wonderful way to inject more funds into the sustainability projects!


This year we have had a focus on Sustainability which our Year 6 leaders have led with the Kitchen Garden and other recyclable initiatives. One of the reasons we are committed to this work is because we are a Catholic school committed to the values and teaching of the Catholic Church. The Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si ('Praise be to you') - On the Care for Our Common Home, is the Church’s most profound and comprehensive statement yet on caring for creation and the poorest. It is an inspirational letter that calls for us to examine our hearts, transform our social values and take action for global solidarity. 

Pope Francis is clear that human activity is at the root of climate change and our ‘ecological crisis’ - and that therefore, the solution also lies with us. 

Pope Francis calls for nothing less than a revolution of our hearts and minds, for a transformation of our societies and individual lifestyles, to live in harmony with God’s creation. He challenges ‘the modern myth of unlimited material progress’. He asks us to redefine our notion of progress and rethink our current public values which put financial and economic growth before ecology and the needs of the most vulnerable communities and people.

Climate change and caring for our environment is something that our children are particularly passionate about. Just like Nano Nagle who had a passion for the environment, we are trying to foster in our children the need to care for God’s creation. Over the last few weeks we have focused on our children being responsible stewards of our SJV environment and wider community and will continue to encourage this for the remainder of the year.


A true ecological approach always becomes a social approach; it must integrate questions of justice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor.” Pope Francis Laudato Si