COVID-19 Update

I want you to know that the last few weeks for me highlights that our community is strong. There are high levels of trust and in the current situation that is critical for us getting through this together. It is important that we stay connected and this may look different each day but it is important that we check in on each other and ask for help and support if we need it. It is ok to be vulnerable and it is ok to say I’m not travelling ok today.

It is important for me to acknowledge and thank every staff member at SJV for the way in which they are working in these uncertain times and the flexibility and creativity that is being required of all of us. The staff continue to do their job under very difficult circumstances and continue to bring positivity each day. All of our staff have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for situations and scenarios none of us can predict. They have been teaching as normal whilst preparing for alternative work arrangements. I sincerely thank you all for your constant emails and words of support given to myself and the team. It has meant so much to all of us.

Our priority always should be wellbeing of students, staff and the community. We know now more than ever this needs to be our priority and focus. Our mental wellbeing is the unique way that we handle our emotions, respond to stress and also our general outlook on life. The benefits of having a healthy sense of mental wellbeing include lifting our mood, promoting resilience and helping us get the most out of life. It is important that each day we take a few moments for ourselves. I encourage you to think about how you are prioritising your own wellbeing each day. Take time for you and breathe….

I also encourage parents to limit the access our students are having to watching and listening to the news at the moment. This is sometimes difficult I know, but making a conscious effort to do something enjoyable as a family and not expose our children too much to the news at the moment will reduce some of the stress and anxiety. As many families have been moving to continuing learning at home, I encourage you to monitor technology use and remind you that no child in a primary school should be accessing social media. We need to keep our children safe.​

Prayer is something positive we can all do in the midst of this uncertain time.

We don’t know exactly how prayer makes a difference but Christians believe that it does. In the isolation of our lives we can be praying for the needs of those all around the world and promoting the notion that our prayers are making a difference, somehow, in some way. As families in a Catholic school community, we have this gift that we can bring to the world.

We pray in gratitude today for medical professionals and front-line workers all around our world.

We pray for the needs of the elderly in our community, who may feel alone and unsure.

We pray for families who have lost their livelihoods.

God of love, we don’t know how our prayers make a difference but we believe that they do. We offer these prayers knowing that it may help people somewhere in our world, and make a difference.

We make these prayers through Jesus, our source of hope. Amen.