2020 - A Year We Will Never Forget

Well we have made it! 2020 is a year we will never forget but as I shared at Graduation on Thursday, all of us should be proud of the way in which we have shown grace and resilience. If you look at the year with a positive lens it has taught us many lessons about overcoming challenges and persisting with what life throws at us and everyone has embraced the many changes that have been required of us all.

I want to acknowledge and thank everyone for their incredible work this year. Everyone plays an important role in the success of our great community. All members of staff give their best and do many things that may go unnoticed but are appreciated. I know many parents have said the children have hardly noticed the global pandemic going on because of the consistency and care at school. This is a credit to all members of staff who have continued to be the amazing professionals they all are! I want to acknowledge and thank all parents for their ongoing support of our school this year. School and home relationships work best when parents work together in partnership. We have appreciated your understanding and support as we have navigated the various restrictions and guidelines we have needed to implement.

This week students have met their new teachers and class mates and parents have received their reports. Mrs Ward and I had the pleasure of visiting all the classes during this time and witnessed the excitement and joy in all rooms. I can assure you that class lists take many weeks of work and we are confident that all placements are in the best interest of every child. It is important that parents encourage positivity, resilience and an open-minded attitude to new and exciting challenges. School reports are a time to reflect on strengths and areas for growth for your child. I would encourage all parents to give some positive feedback to their child and talk about some goals for 2021. Children are always learning and need us as adults to support the journey. It is not always appropriate to share school reports with children but for parents to discuss what they have noticed.

These holidays are a long time, so to ensure your child is set up for success in 2021, please continue to read every day. We are so blessed in Queensland to have so many things to explore in the great outdoors and this will give the children opportunity to talk about their experiences and perhaps even write about it!

I wish all of you a well-deserved break. Please make sure you take time to rest, relax and re-energise. I hope that you are able to enjoy precious time with family and friends. I offer you all the following Irish Christmas blessing:

May the Blessings of Christmas be with you,
May the Christ Child light your way,
May God’s holy angels guide you,
And keep you safe each day.

In God We Trust.

Katherine McKay